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I believe there are certain values that make a successful Moto Racer. These are values that I have identified, picked up and aspire to master on my road to becoming a Moto GP rider. 



It takes a holistic approach and team effort for an rider to achieve success. To me, teamwork means relying on and trusting those around you and earning their trust and respect in return.


Dedication is more than putting in the time at the track, it's being dedicated to the goal every day both on and of the track. There's the physical dedication, the mental dedication and the psychological dedication. It's also about recognising the dedication of my family, supporters and team who are working towards my goal with me.


Dream Big

Ever since I first rode a motorcycle I can remember a time where I didn't want to be the best one day. Don't be afraid to dream big and don't be afraid to share your dreams. Being fearless sometimes just means striving for what seams too high to some.


Being fearless to me doesn't mean never being afraid, it means looking fear in the face. When you overcome that fear of failure you start realise your potential.



Not to be confused with results, a good performance doesn’t always equal a good result and vice versa.
We are focused on measuring consistently good execution and representative action which will in turn deliver the best long term results.

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